Ibrahim Katgeri, PESIT

“InstantK team ..You really rock ! Keep up the good work !! Thanks a million to Sridhar Sir !! Your lectures has been the lifesaver for many students like me. I am among those very special students who are fortunate to come across InstantK and through them our excellent Mathematics professor Mr Sridhar. I bought DIPMAT301 and the video lectures in CD are exceedingly helpful in understanding the subject and also they are exam oriented. We can get through Maths exams, with the help of viewing these CDs even when we are very close to our exams. Advise my friends everyone out there, reading my genuine feedback, please do opt for these CDs. You will never regret rather feel lucky to explore such an easy option you would have never thought about.”

Girish CS, MVJ College, TE Branch

“Today if i could passout with flying colours in DIPMAT301 and DIPMAT401, which had been the toughest challege during my whole engineering course, its all because of Sridhar Sir and InstantK. Feeling grateful to InstantK for coming up with such innovative product which is a blessing in disguise to all engineering students especially to Diploma lateral entrants. I found the entire process from getting these CDs with a quite reasonable price, learning through Video lectures and Whatsapp Support, very comfortable and interactive. Love to recommend and wish every student like me. go for it and make best use of these products to get their desired results”

M2 - Sanjana, 2nd Sem, BMSIT

“M2 videos are very helpful. It’s explained in a clear and methodical way. After watching the videos I have a better understating of the topics which has boosted mi confidence and helped me to solve sums with a positive outlook. On the whole, Instantk has done an excellent job”

M2 - Aamir Karim, Islamiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore

“InstantK has helped me feel confident about mathematics. The best thing is every step is explained in detail and I can review the subject as many times I like. The presentation and quality of videos is excellent. I am doing much better in semester II compared to my previous semester”

M2 - Phaneesh N, Maharaja Insititute of Technology, Mysore

“I found instantk’s Maths course very very useful & loved the faculty. 15 hours of revision was all that needed to complete the full course revision and i did very well in my exams, Thank you!”

CAED - Akshatha, GSSS college of Engineering, Mysore

“I absolutely loved your CAED video courses. For each problem had explanation on board, then same explained on sketch book and on computer, which was all i needed to prepare best for my CAED exams”

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